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Sampoerna Dji Sam Soe Premium

Actually post about smoking is highly forbidden on this blog. But still confused regarding want to write. Finally a thought also to the Dji Sam Soe wrote about (234) Super Premium. Smoking ex. sampoerna is indeed a special and somewhat different from the other variants. So did the price, very suitable for those who like to spend money by way of burnt, aka expensive. But if the price of cigarettes that belongs on top of the average storage time for this?
Dji Sam Soe Super Premium

Hanging around I started when I was shopping in the mini market. When paying at the checkout I saw packs of Dji Sam Soe (234) Super Premium colored black with a gold coloured inscription. Because it looks like I finally bought it. Cigarette packs is indeed unique. Not like other cigarette packs biasannya opened from the top, but cigarette packs was opened sideways as we open a book or pencil case.
Dji Sam Soe Super Premium
Before discussing the super premium there is a little story. Dji Sam Soe variant for non-filter myself, to be honest I've ever tried is the dji sam soe that the wrap yellow and dji sam soe limited edition refill. Taste of Dji sam soe and a Limited Edition yellow wrap the same in my opinion, delicious and distinctive. For me this is a true cigarettes. The drawback of just ga no filters so the tobacco like it went into her mouth and taste bitter. Dji sam soe variant for filters, I've tried magnum filter. Magnum pleasure but unfortunately cannot yet match the filter cigarette-smoking non-filter dji sam soe. Buy Dji Sam Soe (234) Super Premium Online.

Dji Sam Soe back to (234) Super Premium. After the packet is opened, we cannot directly take up smoking. But we must first split the wrappings so that smoking could be taken, also unique in my opinion. In the packaging not found alumunuim kind of foil to keep the flavor. Instead, each individually wrapped cigarettes with gold-colored paper, the same concept like dji sam soe limited edition.
DJI Sam Soe (234) Super Premium is itself a smoking SKT (Kretek Sigaret Hand) non-filters. Be so this is non filter cigarettes the most expensive I have ever bought. When it nyruput, uh suck the meaning. It tastes very similar to smoking dji sam soe plain packaging of yellow and gold limited edition. su because the recipe are also the same (Fatsal-5). The levels of nicotine and TARnya pun (nicotine: 1.4 MG, TAR: 39MG). The little difference is a straw of Dji Sam Soe (234) Super Premium taste more lightly, flavor and aroma is also more awake because each smoking paper wrapped singly.

I think smoking is suitable to own when on enjoy in a quiet place. Because we can feel the real favors. Then is it worth the price? With the quality of the packaging is nice and delicious flavor I think appropriate. But I'm sorry I will not often buy cigarettes. Make the bags broke out bro. Anyway I am not a true smoker a.k.a. can smoke and quit at any time.
Dji Sam Soe Super Premium

If you feel the price of Dji Sam Soe (234) Super Premium is too expensive. The alternative can buy Dji Sam Soe Limited Edition refill. Because it feels the same soap opera.

Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2015

Usaha Sampingan Konter pulsa ku

Sebagai karyawan kadang bingung mau bisnis sampingan, mengingat jam tayang di kantor lebih lama jika dibanding dengan PNS, sempat terfikir memulai bisnis online, tapi malah kebingungan mau jual produk apa, akhirnya mampir di blog yang membahas berbagai macam usaha rumahan tentunya dengan modal yang kecil.

Akhir pekan kemarin saya keliling kecamatan, ada beberapa penjual pulsa yang menjadi master pulsa, sehingga mereka bisa menjadikan saya reseller, dari beberapa tempat yang saya datangi saya memilih yang memenuhi persyaratan dari saya seperti :
  1. Transaksi pulsa bisa dilakukan selama 24 jam, karena saya bekerja sebagai sekuriti yang terdapat 3 shitf dalam 24 jam, dan dalam satu regu sekuriti setiap shift ada 48 orang.
  2. Bisa dilakukan transaksi dari beberana nomor pararel, karena saya ingin istri juga menjual pulsa di rumah untuk tetangga dan saudara serta bisa kita pakai sendiri, yang artinya pembelian pulsa jadi lebih irit.
  3. Deposit sedikit, kebetulan tempat saya mendaftar tidak ada uang pendaftaran, jadi cukup nomor telepon dan deposit seratus ribu rupiah saya langsung bisa berjualan pulsa.
  4. Ada nomor transaksi alternatif, ini yang penting, mengingat saat-saat tertentu operator pulsa sering sekali mengalami kepadatan pada jaringan mereka, sehingga saya bisa berpindah ke no transaksi lainnya.
  5. Saya sudah test langsung, pulsa masuk ke nomor pembeli saya hanya dalam hitungan detik, ciamik kan, pembeli jadi datang lagi dan lagi, karena pulsa masuk cepat.
Sebagai penarik pembeli harga saya korting Rp. 500, yang V5000 saya jual Rp. 6.500 dan seterusnya hehehehehe ... selain itu bisa hutang, tapi maksimum hanya 2x24 jam saja, lebih dari itu ya saya tagih dan pembelian berikutnya tidak bisa hutang (maaf untung cuman 1500 aja kok diutangin)

Sudah 4 bulan ini saya dan istri berjualan pulsa, transaksi harian bisa mencapai 40 - 50 trx, yang berarti lebih dari Rp. 50.000 rupiah keuntungan yang kami dapatkan.

Jumat, 26 Juni 2015

2 Easy Methods For Generating Comments To Your Blog

We all want an interactive, high-traffic blog, right? For those of us in the business, that is one of the primary goals. But how can it be achieved? Well like most things, there are many ways to reach your goal. And I'll share with you my method for generating comments.

The deal is that there is no magic solution. But the direct answer is you have to be willing to put in the time to work a method until it produces results. And that's not going to happen in a day or after posting to three different sites. If you want results, you have to work for them.

But you already knew that right? Good, let's move on.

The primary method I use is forum posting. Somehow, I figure that you've heard this before. But that's because it works! What I do is visit a forum that I actually enjoy, and proceed to engage in conversation. I don't spam 'GO TO XYZ SITE!!' 20 times a day. I just post naturally. But the key is that I have an ad for my site as my forum signature. Then, if anyone gets value from my content, they will go to my site.

But here's the twist; I make certain to comment in threads that are related to my particular post(s). And in my posts on the forum I reference my blog posts with the requisite link. In order to remain natural, it is best to include your site link only once. In fact, I reserve it for the lengthy, detailed posts. This looks natural. A one sentence comment with a link looks like spam. Remember that.

I also comment on blogs. Again, the key here is that you should go to blogs in your niche that 1) legitimately get traffic 2) whose content you enjoy, and 3) visit somewhat regularly. Here's what you do:

*Read the article (yes, read. Don't skim)

*Comment on what you have read

*Compliment the author on an aspect of his/her post

That's it. Or tweet or post props on social media. Simple right? Yes, it is. But where most folks go wrong is that they can barely get a comment out before they're plugging their own stuff. And no one likes that. Put it this way - do you want some jerk to come to your blog and post 'great stuff, check this out to make money while you sleep!'

Don't be one of those. To stand out, you want to read the follow the three steps above. This helps you, because you'll be advancing the conversation, and look wise & classy while doing it. Not only that, but when you drop a sincere compliment on the blog's author, they WILL take notice. So will their readers. And that's when people click your link.

But only after a couple of comments (sometimes even in the chat under that initial post) that you casually mention your take on that same subject through your link. If you do this properly, you are guaranteed several comments that you were after all along!

And there you have it. Two simple methods for generating comments on your own blog. I know that these aren't of the quick fix variety, but the impact that they can have on your campaign is worth the effort. And the cool part is once you get good at it, you will pull comments out of your visitors with ease.

Try it. You just might be surprised.

If you are interested in quality personal blogging, then check out for more intriguing commentary on life in the Information Age.

John Calvert (best known as FreeStateMents) is a personal blogger that also is a regular contributor to Ezine Articles. The methods shared in this article are his own.

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